Emergency Ordinance on Masks

Ordinance Mandates Mask Use Inside Grocery Stores and Pharmacies Within City Limits

The Greenville City Council voted unanimously to adopt an emergency ordinance to extend the temporary ordinance requiring customers to wear face coverings inside all retail establishments within the city limits. Council voted unanimously to extend the ordinance to June 8, 2021.

Greenville was the first municipality in South Carolina to mandate mask wearing back in June. The ordinance was extended in August. The emergency ordinance also includes mask requirements for employees at hair salons, barber shops, spas and nail salons while working in close contact with customers. 

Additionally, the ordinance includes new directives for restaurant patrons and employees based on South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster’s Executive Order. His order requires restaurant employees to wear masks at all times and customers to wear masks unless they are eating or drinking. The South Carolina Department of Health and Environment Control released data indicating municipalities with a mask ordinance saw a 46% decline in new COVID-19 cases in the four weeks after implementation.