McPherson Park Stream Enhancement

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This project improved water quality through ecological restoration, bank stabilization, and green infrastructure installation.

Work has been completed on a stream enhancement project in McPherson Park. 

This stormwater project was part of the Richland Creek Water Quality Improvement Master Plan and is funded in part by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under a Section 319 grant through the South Carolina Department of Health & Environmental Control. The project was designed to address water quality and will include work both in the stream and throughout the park. Water quality was improved by removing rubble and debris from the stream, stabilizing the streambank to prevent erosion, placing structures in the stream to create pools and direct the flow of water and planting native vegetation along the streambank. Additionally, the banks of the stream were cleared of non-native and invasive plants.

The project scope also included removing the concrete swale and pipes around the tennis courts and demolishing the existing asphalt parking lot. A bioswale with native plantings will be installed to replace the concrete and pipes and the parking lot was replaced with a new pervious surface to help capture and filter stormwater runoff.